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How do I file a claim?


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  • elevesalon

    I purchased from United Salon Supplies your Bio ionic 10X hairdryer April 22,  2019.  I have called them several times they wont' return my call, and have left a message 3 months ago with your company.

    The dryer only blows out hot, no other temperature so I'm not able to use it.  Is there anything I can do or just throw $180 dryer in the trash.  

    During the Pandemic that company I think closed I will reach out to them again.  The dryer temp stopped working in March about the same time the covid 19 broke out.   What can I do.  I was also in the hospital for a week and unable to follow up until now.


    Penni Ervin

    Owner Eleve Hair & Nail Salon, 


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