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Klarna: Pay in 4 Interest-Free InstallmentsUpdated 2 years ago

What orders can be paid with 'Pay in 4 payments with Klarna?'

Pay in 4 payments with Klarna is available to all customers over 18 years of age with a billing and shipping address registered in the United States.

Qualifying orders must total between $90.00 (minimum) and $1,000.00 (maximum) before sales tax and shipping fees. Bio Ionic E-Gift Cards cannot be purchased with ‘Pay in 4 payments with Klarna.’

‘Pay in 4 payments with Klarna’ is not available for salon or distributor orders.

How do I pay in 4 interest-free installments?

Select Klarna at checkout to split your purchase into 4 equal payments. Payments will be charged automatically every two weeks starting from the time your order is confirmed (usually the shipment date). No bills are sent - you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy your purchase.

Is there a fee to pay in 4 interest-free installments?

There are no fees when you pay on time.

Will this affect my credit score?

When you choose to pay in 4 interest-free installments, Klarna may perform a soft credit check. This type of credit check will not impact your credit score. For more information about ‘Pay in 4 payments with Klarna’, please click here.

Klarna is an independent payment company and Bio Ionic has no influence over whether your payment with Klarna is accepted or not. If you have any trouble with your order, please contact Klarna Customer Service.

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