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Why did my Smart-X dryer shut down?Updated a year ago

This could be because the auto-clean function needs to activate.

Auto-Alert Light: When the dryer must be cleaned with the auto-clean function, all three Speed lights will be flashing for 5 seconds simultaneously. During this, no operations or settings can be completed. In 6 seconds, it will go to the last setting per the memory function and the dryer will function as normal. 

After completing the auto-clean, the dryer will be powered off, then recalculate until cleaning is necessary again. 

How to Auto-Clean: Plug in the hair dryer and hold down the “Speed lower” button for approximately 10 seconds. This will engage the auto-clean function. This function will automatically switch off after 15 seconds. 

If your dryer is still shutting down, try resetting it by unplugging the dryer, then waiting a few minutes to plug and power it on again.

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