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Smart-X High Efficiency Dryer

How do I clean my Smart-X dryer?

1. Carefully remove the external back filter by gently pressing and pulling backward. 2. Clean the metal filter by using provided filter cleaning brush and then finish with a clean cloth, making sure that any dirt that is lodged in the filter is remo

How often should I clean my Smart-X Dryer?

For professional users, the manual cleaning process must be done daily. For domestic use, it can be done weekly.

Why did my Smart-X dryer shut down?

This could be because the auto-clean function needs to activate. Auto-Alert Light: When the dryer must be cleaned with the auto-clean function, all three Speed lights will be flashing for 5 seconds simultaneously. During this, no operations or settin

How do I reset my Smart-X dryer?

You can reset it by unplugging the dryer, then waiting a few minutes to plug and power it on again.